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For people who are always on the move, and who may not be able to bring along their notebook computers, Chrysanth Email Notifier could be run as a portable email notifier whereby the only equipment that travelers need to carry is a thumb drive/ USB drive.

Using thumb drives or other rewriteable media to host Chrysanth Email Notifier as a portable email notifier could easily allow travelers to insert such device as thumb drive into other host computers in public area like cyber cafe, while retaining 100% privacy and portability, i.e.

  • without storing any private information on any host computer
  • without the need to re-install and re-configure the account settings
  • only occupies a very small storage space

To run Chrysanth Email Notifier as a portable email notifier, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Copy the executable file from the installed folder (the default location should be "C:\Program Files\Chrysanth\NETime\Email Notifier\CSMailManager.exe") to the target portable media, say any thumb drive. You may place the executable file at the root folder or any specific folder that you wish.

    Note: Placing the executable file under a specific folder helps keep all the relevant setting files created in an organized folder structure.

  2. Create an empty Text file (files with ".txt" extension) or any other file, then rename the newly created file to "Portable.cssw".

    Note: The existence of this file will instruct Chrysanth Email Notifier to run as a portable email notifier by storing all the user related information under the same folder, instead of the normal user profile folder under host computer.

  3. If the above two steps are executed properly, you should be able to run Chrysanth Email Notifier as a portable email notifier on any host computer by now! Simply insert your thumb drive into the host computer's USB port and launch Windows Explorer to access the executable file. Once launched, the rest will stay the same as running Chrysanth Email Notifier under normal email notifier mode.